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Herbert is an Economics major at Swarthmore College. Herbert is a she. She view economics as a powerful tool for understanding patterns and human behavior and for finding sustainable equilibria, She wants to work towards a sustainable future, most importantly, adapting the way we do business to function with an awareness to the finite resources of the economy and the planet.

Food is her passion, feeding people her compulsion, and chocolate her obsession. Herbert spends a ridiculous amount of time thinking and talking about, and working with food. Besides cooking and eating she is eager to learn all she can about agriculture preparation, food preservation, food theory, policy, traditions, history, cultures, and science, sustainable and urban agriculture, low impact living, preservation of traditions, conservation, and practices to preserve and respect our planet and to try to make her existence more balanced with the needs of the earth.

Beyond food and sustainability, Herbert loves history, theater, hats, the internet, fiber arts, Boston, folk dance, Europe, Amtrak, poetry, learning to play the piano, and of course, all the nifty people she knows.


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