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Productivity Food

16 February 2009

This whole “being productive” thing is an enjoyable novelty. Lets see if holds my interest.

Work-wise, Ir ead 300 pages and wrote a decent 4-page paper. I also ate breakfast at home (instead of in class) for the first time all semester. At the moment I am enjoying a delicious lentil concoction, which includes 25¢/lb zucchini, because the co-op is silly and doesn’t realize that ugly vegetables tastes as good as pretty ones (Otherwise, why would I be eating zucchini in February). I also managed to burn my nostrils with too much inhalation of chili-pepper

Lentil Concoction
1/2 cup lentils, soaked
1 battered zucchini, diced fine
1/2 medium onion, chopped fine
3 small carrots, diced fine
1 small potato, diced fine
2 large chard leaves, diced fine
1/2 cup leftover tomato sauce
1/2 cup water
1/4 serrano pepper
garlic and ginger to taste
olive oil
corriander, tumeric, cayanne, salt (or soy sauce), fennel, basil, paprika, to taste (I used a healthy pinch of each)

Saute the onions, garlic, ginger, and pepper in olive oil in a large skillet or wok. (optional: deglaze with cooking sherry)
Add successively every couple of minutes, the chard stems, carrots, potato, zucchini, and chard. Saute further for a couple of minutes.
Add the tomato sauce, water, lentils, and spices.
Stir well and simmer half covered for a half-hour. (Using this time to clean your kitchen floor is option)

Enjoy with rice and (greek) yogurt!


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