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Cleaning the Fridge

15 February 2009

Today’s kitchen task was cleaning out the fridge. I’ve been avoiding it for quite a while, so it certainly needed it. I am embarrassed at the waste:

1/4 bottle of spoilt buttermilk (november)
a half-cup of leftover stirfry (january)
two dried-out rice tortillas (October – they were so bad, I couldn’t bring myself to finish them)
a moldy piece of goat cheese (december). It was going to go into a souffle, but instead we used cheddar, and it didn’t survive the break.
leftover chicken that I discovered the friend who stayed in my flat over winter break had left
a piece of tuna that went uneaten after plans were disrupted by a hospital visit
suspicious jalapeño hummus from our housewarming party (September)
An unfortunate amount of produce: a week-old beet had gone moldy and infected the other three beets and a cucumber, also only a week old. I take that as a personal offense.
Two lime green potatoes
Also brown celery. I think my flatmate brought it with her when she moved in (August)

Um, at least my food has stories?

Unfortunately, we have no exterior land, so we cannot compost. I tried to convince the garden coordinator to accept my scraps for the student garden compost pile, but they have a strict no-outside waste policy, because they feel like they cannot trust people to not put in meat products.

I need to do better though.

So! I’ve instituted a Refrigerator-Organization Policy:
The top shelf is leftovers that need to be eaten quickly. …And the milk, because it won’t fit anywhere else.
The middle shelf is dairy. We have a lot of dairy.
The bottom shelf has the little bit of meat we keep (pepper ham for Rh’s Mac & Cheese, Pepperoni for my pizzas) but is mostly things with a long shelf life – pickles, condiments, tortillas.
The basket is still vegetables, which is my domain.

I also told Rh that she should eat my leftovers more if she wants. She doesn’t like to cook, and I don’t like eating leftovers, so hopefully some good will come of this.


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