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The Power of Wind

9 February 2009

So as y’all might know (or not) that I’m a big fan of self-improvement. I’m an optimist; I always think things can get better, even me. But I’m also lazy and not necessarily good on the motivation/persistence front. So I decided a couple weeks ago that at least once a week I should do something to improve something. Usually an aspect of myself, but it could also the apartment or someone else’s happiness or society or the natural world. They may be things that are persistent projects I’m starting, or one shot actions. Also it should be something small and easy, so I don’t feel daunted or overwhelmed. Little things build.

The week before last it was dental hygiene: I started using mouthwash every day, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while. (I should also start flossing more regularly, but I’ll get to that later I suppose…)

Last week it was my geek cred (I think that totally counts): I have decided that I should watch every episode of Doctor Who that my library has. In random order. So far I’ve watched two Fourth Doctor stories, and at the moment I have the third series of the tenth Doctor checked out.

This week it’s enrolling in PECO’s wind energy program. It’s rather silly that we’re not. We use about 100-120kWh a month, which means it’s only about three dollars extra. It did take a bit of convincing for the flatmate though. She wasn’t sure if she was “that much of a global citizen”, but since we alternating paying the bills, it’s really only 1.50$/month for each of us, so she gave in.

I like having things to feel good about.


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