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7 February 2009

Today was a much better day than how things have been in the recent past.

I spent the afternoon at a meeting of the Schuylkill Permaculture Guild Discussion Group in Pottstown. More on that here. The Pottstown Coffee Shop had really amazing coffee; I had an iced mocha, and they used dark chocolate.

After the meeting, Mark, a land use engineer and herb gardener, pointed us in the direction of Saint Peter’s Village , where he insisted there were good climbing rocks. Indeed there were.

The weather was warm for January, about 50F. The waterfall tumbled through a half-tunnel of jagged ice into a pool nearly frozen over. Five of us scrambled up a steep hill of mulch and rocks covered in snow and sat on an outcropping of quarry stones. We watched a hawk circle in the lowering sun, talking about Swarthmore and sustainability. After an hour or so we wandered down the side of the hill, slipping a lot. Once past the rocks, I gave up and slid down the last ten meters or so. The boy behind me ended up following my example by accident.

The drive home was towards the rising full moon, and the sun setting behind us made the sky burn pink. I caught up on crochet while the others talked politics and guerrilla knitting.

At home, I cleaned the kitchen and made pasta (buckwheat/corn) noodles in red sauce, as well a vinaigrette for salad, and watched Doctor Who (Fourth Doct, Logopolis) .

Tomorrow, my parents are visiting, and in the evening at Swarthmore there is a premiere of an opera based on the Sherlock Holmes tale “A Scandal in Bohemia”.


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