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Food Day

31 January 2009

The only problem with doing lots of cooking is then all the dishes waiting for you at one in the morning.

For lunch today I made rutabaga soup with paprika and cinnamon as well as saffron risotto for SWILtable, a weekly meeting of interesting folk around here.

Later I attempted to make ciabatta, with a starter I put together last night, but it deflated in the oven, alas. Possibly was overrisen? Or too wet? Not sure. This is the third time I tried to make it, and the third time it has failed utterly. On the flip side, I managed to get my oven to agree to the Challah and I’m very happy with it. I think I’ll work with that for now, though I would like to develop a GF sourdough at some point. Also, my next line of baking experiment is the English Muffins. The really great thing about the Better Batter flour is the amount of recipes that Naomi has developed for it.

I also bought whole milk with the look to make cheese, only to discover, sheepishly, that I had no cheesecloth. Alas.

Thrift Store Win: A brand new espresso machine for $15 and a pretty $2 black tea set.

Asian Supermarket Win: (from last week) Buckwheat/Corn Soba Noodles! These are amazingly tasty and well-textured, hot and cold. Highly recommended if you can find them. I turned them into a delicious yakisoba with sorghum-breaded tofu, mushrooms, and edamame.

Now I still need more spice jars, a grinder, and, most importantly, and most evasively, a 3-quart pot, but I am, of course, too cheap to justify buying kitchen things new.

I should make cookies.


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