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Party Food

17 November 2008

Herbert’s Recipe for a Good Party:
Take a large quantity of food. Add nifty people. Mix. Serves n.

I had a party this weekend, for the first time since the housewarming. It was a huge success, if I say so myself. There were about twenty people; the party started at 4PM, achieved critical mass somewhere around 6PM and didn’t break up until around midnight. I am still recovering from it, which I think is a good sign. Also still cleaning up.

I’m not a terribly good host for a party. I tire easily and get a bit shy when things get loud, even amongst people I know well. But I do have a pretty good repertory of party foods and dips, and I’ve always found that mixing good people with good food always turns out well. Considering that people stayed for eight hours, until it got quite late, I’d like to think I did something right.

Now, even more dishes.


Snack Food:
Salsa Fresca
Ginger Tzatziki
Ham & Chives cream cheese spread
White Bean Dip (courtesy of LM)
and lots of stuff to put them on.

Dinner Food:
Mushrooms stuffed with onion, garlic, and tarragon
Broccoli Quiche
Honey-Mint Rice

Dessert Food:
Pie Soup (Mixed Squash – Delicata, Butternut, & Acorn – slow-cooked with cinnamon, rosemary, and thyme)
Apple Crisp (courtesy of MH)

After all that, the next day, I made a huge pot of pad thai for Paces.

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