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17 November 2008

I have had great luck in baking using Better Batter‘s GF Flour Mix, but have yet to make a successful bread.

At the moment, I am trying her Challah recipe. Watch this post for results!


UPDATE (10:05PM): The bread is out of the machine. It is very…cubish. Short and dense looking, but it at least is not collapses. The paddle didn’t stick in either, which is interesting. Not sure if I will have a chance to taste it tonight, but I will let you know how it is.

UPDATE (Tuesday, 6:41PM): The bread turned out a bit too moist, but otherwise quite good. It is dense structurally stable and pleasantly chewy and makes excellent toast. And grilled cheese sandwiches. At the moment, I have eaten half of it, and am planning on making french toast in the morning. I have hope, yet!

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  1. Naomi permalink
    18 November 2008 8:32 AM

    Hi, Herbert!

    I’ve had problems with bread machine, too, though many of our customers haven’t. I have literally made hundreds of pounds worth of bread and have had very few turn out right. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the bread machine itself that determines the success of the recipe with our flour.

    Do you mind me asking which brand of bread machine you use and whether you alter any settings?

    Also, have you tried making bread in the oven? Curious and interested…

    Hope to Hear from you!

    Naomi Poe

  2. Herbert permalink*
    18 November 2008 6:57 PM


    I use an obscure Sensio machine that I found unopened-new at the thift store (otherwise, I would not have a bread machine at all).

    I have tried using the oven, but unfortunately my oven temperature is neither accurate (usually ranging 50-100F above the theromstat) nor precise (in an hour of cooking it will sometimes shoot up to it’s maximum temperature or go down to near where the thermostat is actually set to). I’ve managed to have success with it in baking most things, just never bread.

    Thank you for your interest!


  3. Naomi permalink
    21 November 2008 11:33 PM

    Oh dear, that’s too bad. Well ovens can be notoriously evil. Perhaps I can try and wrastle up a microwave version for you.

    If you’re not intolerant to eggs, I have a pretty great yorkshire pudding recipe that doubles as really fluffy ‘white bread’ in our house when I can’t be fussed to make yeast bread. It’s about a 30 minute bread all said and done, and needs a really hot oven (which could workin your favor).

    So you’re a college student??? G-d bless you! I’ll be saying prayers for your health!


  4. Herbert permalink*
    22 November 2008 12:04 AM

    I think I can get it to work in the bread machine, with a bit futzing. It came out better than any other bread I’ve made. I think the eggs help a lot in the challah. I’m not allergic to them – I’m not actually celiac; I just have a gluten intolerance from chronic Lyme.

    I would love your pudding recipe! I did not see it on your site.

    And yes, I am a college student, or at least trying to. I go to Swarthmore, about 200 miles east of you. Actually, my snack bar just started offering gluten free bread; it’s Food for Life’s brown rice, which I am not particularly fond of given that it’s so dense, and I don’t necessarily trust them to be good about cross-contamination, but it was happy to see that they’re starting to make gestures in that direction.


  5. Naomi permalink
    1 December 2008 9:46 AM

    here’s the recipe for the pudding:


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