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Fall Fare

2 November 2008

It has been a tumultuous few weeks. But today has been a moment of welcome calm. I finally was home a weekend so I could go to the farmer’s market, and I finally cleaned the kitchen.

For breakfast: scrambled eggs* with ham* and Colby* and end-of-season tomatoes*. Earl Grey tea.

For snacking: Pomegranate, apple* slices with peanut butter, cider*.

For dinner: Brown rice pasta with Romanesco (Fractal food!)*, butter, Parmesan, and pine nuts; side salad with purple lettuce*, chevre, pinenuts and cranberries.


I also have many apples from the local orchard which are to be baked into a delicious pie for election night.

Now for tea and chocolate.

I need to write about Boston, including visiting organizations, the nifty Tibetan restaurant, the tiny-yet-awesome Tea shop. Also about my directed reading in Food Systems and Sustainability next semester. But at the moment I should od homework.


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