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Tea, and Gnomish Devil Moose Brew

29 September 2008

Sharon Astyk’s wonderful post about her relationship with her wood burning stove is well worth a read. It also got me thinking about my relationship with tea.

I didn’t start drinking tea until I was a teenager. Not because I found it bitter, but because the only tea I was allowed to drink until then was chamomile, and I found it too sweet. My taste in tea actually evolved from black tea, Earl Grey in particular was my early love, to Green, and White, flavors more subtle.

In my final years of high school, I drank tea every day in the winter. Usually I’d bring a thermos to school, drink more when I got home, and herbal tea before bed. My mother and I used to get into wars about the kettle. We had a six-burner range, and I left the kettle out in the corner burner; it was never in the way. But my mother hates things being left out. So I would leave it out, and she would put it away, and the war continued all through the winter.

Peppermint tea and I have a special relationship. When I got sick with Lyme, I was nauseous a lot. When I first got involved with B, it was not uncommon for me to get very ill late in the evening. B used to treat this, first with a lot of cuddles, but also with crystalized ginger and lots of peppermint tea. Peppermint tea does have wonderful anti-nausea properties, but I think even stronger for me just from conditioning. The smell of it always reminds me of B, and how wonderfully caring he is.

Rh and I both drink a lot of tea. We drink it while we work in the evenings, keeping each other company in the common room. Since the weather has been getting cooler, especially in our basement apartment, we’ve kept the electric kettle constantly plugged in. I use a small chinese teapot with a tiny handless cup, part of a set a friend bequeathed to me when I moved to Deux Pas. At the moment my go-to teas are Jasmine Pearl, Chrysanthemum Green, Peppermint, and, as winter sets in, Gnomish Devil Moose Brew. Tea is offered to visitors, as a matter of course. I have been negligent in cookie making, or I would offer those as well. You should come over for tea sometime.


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