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Gnomish Devil Moose Brew

29 September 2008

Before I can explain what Gnomish Devil Moose Brew is, I should explain something about the theory of Gnomes and Moose at Deux Pas.

Rh maintains that Gnomes are mischievous creatures, prone to stealing socks and hiding things we are looking for. They also invented the moose, a clever ploy involving a deer and photoshop.

gnomish devil moose

gnomish devil moose

A special variety of moose is known as the Gnomish Devil Moose, seen here at the right.

Now, I am very fond of coniferous flavors, after having eaten juniper ice cream at my birthday dinner. I was craving some, so I decided to make tea from the needles a Norwegian Spruce tree behind the Art building. Rh did not approve. She maintains that only Moose eat coniferous plants and was therefore very suspicious of my enthusiasm for the tea. She declared it a “gnomish devil moose brew”. She also thinks B is a moose. And therefore I must be sympathetic to the gnomes. She doesn’t trust me much now. At any rate, the GDMB is delicious. Recipe below.

Gnomish Devil Moose Brew
a.k.a. Spruce Ginger tea
Boil some water. In a tea pot, add a good handful of cleaned, chopped spruce needles, preferably young ones (or even tips) from a tree a ways from the road. Add a good bit of fresh, chopped ginger. Pour the boiling water over, and let steep for twenty to thirty minutes. (A tea cozy is useful here because of the long steeping time).


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