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27 September 2008

I’ve been ill recently. Mostly owing to food imbalances. First I became gluten-ill, which rolled neatly into an actual cold. On top of that my weight dropped into the double digits for the first time in several years, and I’ve been trying to deal with getting it back up.

Fat and I have a strange relationship. I think he’s a nice enough fellow, and he certainly can liven up a party, and is also quite a useful and versatile fellow. I just don’t see that much of him. Oh sure, he shows up for brief visits in my skillet all the time, and I’m quite fond of cheese, and see him when I visit with eggs or fish, and I am always happy to converse with ice cream or chocolate (though either rarely in large quantity at a time). But when it gets down to it, I just don’t eat all that much fat: I lost my taste for red meat several years back, and eat meat not very often in general. He and I used to have an affair with flaky, buttery pastries, but gluten got between us, I’m afraid.

In general, I have what society tells us is a fairly healthy diet: high in vegetables, fruit, legumes, and fiber; low in fat, with a normal amount of salt and protein, and normal-for-a-college-student amount of sugar. Yet, for me, it’s not very healthy at all. I need a lot more fat and sodium than I’ve been getting lately.

Please make your snarky comments now, if you have any. But to be honest, for me at least, it would be much better if I was slightly overweight than more-than-slightly underweight. I’m not a terribly healthy person, so a buffer is useful. Indeed, any extra weight, whether muscle mass or fat would be good, though really what I need is fat.

Here’s where the diet problem comes in. I’ve been seeing a nutritionist about ways to add fat to my diet, and have been very conscientious in the past week about eating more fat. Of course, eating more fat means I eat less of other food (usually replacing carbohydrates like rice and pasta), but fat is more dense, so caloricly I’m eating more. However, my body is not used to processing that much fat. To the point where I was incredibly ill last night. In theory, I don’t know it was the fat, but it’s my gut feeling, pardon the pun. I was craving crisp food, and anything remotely greasy (whether actually fatty or not) was disgusting. It was if my body wanted something to sop up all the excess fat I’ve been putting in to it. I’m better now, but still quite weak. Hopefully I’ll be able to fix my diet quickly to something more balanced and slowly build up to a higher fat ratio.

Or maybe I should just take my roommate’s advice and go for the intravenous ice cream.


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