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Meat in the Kitchen

13 September 2008

My kitchen had meat in it today for the first time. First Chorizo. It was a gift for my father, so it was not actually open. My parents were visiting today, which meant a trip to Reading Terminal, and another to Trader Joe’s, where they bought me large quantities of food, which made Herbert very happy.

Included in this haul was several Dover sole fillets and a red snapper fillet from the market, and french-style ham from Trader Joe’s. Mother doesn’t think I’m eating enough protein from my tofu and bean and occasional piece of chicken diet. She’s probably right.

I will eat meat, it’s a practical necessity for eating out when you can’t eat gluten and you don’t want to make it incredibly difficult for anyone to invite you out for dinner. I just won’t buy it. My parents wanted fish for dinner though, and I certainly do not object. I like fish, I just don’t eat it often.

For dinner I followed my family’s unspoken protien+starch+green formula. I breaded the Dover Sole in sorghum flour and fried it in butter, and served it with a lime-butter-parsley sauce. The green was steamed vegetable, the starch was boiled potatoes.

At home this formula results in meat being served nearly daily, except on the rare nights mother makes quiche or I steal the kitchen. The starch is almost always bread, which I can no longer eat, unless we are cooking Asian, then it is rice. The green is almost invariably a mixed greens salad with dried berries, pine nuts, and goat cheese with a strong balsamic vinegrette, even if another vegetable is present.

However, do not infer that meals are bland and unvaried at home. My mother is an excellent cook and loves to experiment. However, bread and salad are fixtures at our dinner table.

I also have a chicken to claim. From a friend who had an extra one in her freezer. I’m not much of a fan, but I can cook it, and it’s protein, and letting it go to waste is a much greater sin. I get to practice my chicken deboning skills. I should do it with an audience. It’s a useful skill to learn, and it disturbs people.

Also, Trader Joe’s sells GF rice pasta for $2.00 a pound. This is the cheapest I’ve ever seen it, and it makes me very happy. My kitchen needs more storage space though. I’m working on it.

My kitchen. Mine. Having my own kitchen is something so novel and so important to me, I cannot express it. Technically it belongs to Rh as well, but she hates cooking. Hates cooking, loves food, keeps the kitchen clean. The perfect flatmate.


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