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Where’s Herbert?: The State of Herbert’s Online Presence

24 May 2008

Here are a list of the sites that I am in active use of. There are probably more that I use less frequently but still deserve mention, but can’t remember of at one in the morning.

WordPress: Eyes Open (this blog), 500 Flavors of Doom
Twitter: HerbertInc Herbertanzer
Livejournal: Herbertinc
Wordie: Herbert
MyBlogLog: Herbertanzer
Flickr: Herbertanzer
Technorati: Herbertanzer
TheChocolateLife: Herbert
Ctrl+Alt+Squeak(A Personal Website in desperate need of updating)
Facebook Profile
World Community Grid: Herbertanzer, Team: SWIL, running “Nutritious Rice for the World”

Browser: Flock 1.1 with the Zotero toolset

Chat clients: AIM, IRC, SMS

Basically if you see the below icon attached to the name Herbert, you can be guaranteed that it is (a) Me or (b) someone impersonating me or (c) someone who hacked into my account.

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